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Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem: Meaning behind the greetings explained as Ramadan 2020 begins

Muslims around the world have been preparing for the Holy Month of Ramadan, which this year will be radically changed by the coronavirus outbreak.

The lockdown restrictions in place around the world mean communal acts of prayer and meeting friends and family for the daily ritual of the iftar meal, will be prohibited for most people.

3 Earth Day Resolutions for 2020

Just as January 1st provides an excuse to examine yourself and make a few New Year’s resolutions, Earth Day on April 22 provides the perfect time to check in with your greenness and decide where to make some changes.  We’re assuming you recycle and maybe even compost; you might have even gone energy-efficient in your light bulbs, appliances and car. That’s great! But as usual, there’s almost always more you could do.  Cheer up, though! We created a three-point plan for you.

What’s Better Option to Buy a Home? Cash or Installment?

The idea of having a debt-free life is exciting; especially when you know that you buy everything on 100% cash and do not owe a single penny to others. This is what most of the financial experts suggest that always try to pay 100% cash – no matter, how big the transaction is. The rule should also be implemented when it comes to buying a home – pay all-cash upfront and not in installments.

Rules and Tips for buying or investing in properties in Pakistan

The first and most important rule of all is that you should only invest in tested and trialed societies. If one of your investment in smaller societies has given good returns in the past it does not mean the next one will do as well. All private societies are subject to huge risks There is no need for you to experiment even if you believe that it will give you great returns.

PM Imran Khan Announced Construction Sector Relief Package

Since the start of the World deadliest pandemic COVID-19, Almost all spectrum of life has been affected one way or the other, A pandemic that went out of hand for the developed nation is really frightening to the developing nation along with all the uncertainty that comes with it.